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Adooken is a brand new photo sharing, blogging, and friends network built upon simple and straigthforward values.

Being an affiliate is easy! Here's how to get started! You might want to bookmark this page for future reference.

Commission is paid every month on the 15th if your balance is greater than $25. If you do not exceed this amount, it is carried over to the next month. Each account must remain active for a total of 30 days before it counts toward any payment. This protects us against fraud as we will constantly monitor account activity for the entire 30 days.

Here are our current rates:

Number of Registrations
Commission Per New Registration
$1.00+ (variable rate)
Each Referrer (Level 1)

Keep in mind that if you perform exceedingly well, contact us for a special rate!

We do take fraud seriously which is why each account must "mature" for 30 days after registration. Moreover, your account will be terminated immediately upon the detection of any fraud. We also have a no-tolerance policy against spam. Do not send emails unless they are specifically from an opt-in list or of similar consent on the users' part.

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