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Adooken! is a new type of community. It is not just a blogging community. It is not just a photo sharing community. In fact, it is both of those things built upon the basic idea that you can make everything your own. But simply put:

  • Grab photos directly from another website
    Photo grabbing is completely new! Like a photo online? Grab it! Have photos on a blog or online album? Grab them! Take photos directly from another site without having to download them to your computer!

  • Share your photos without size limits
    Share your photos with your immediate friends and family or share it with thousands of others. It's up to you. We give you unlimited space for you to share your memories and life's greatest moments!

  • Make it your own!
    Design every page to your heart's content. For beginners, design themes by color. For experts, design pages by CSS.

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Although the site is fully functional, please excuse our dust! We still have some bugs we have to fix. If you spot any, feel free to let us know! Working for you is our job so drop us a line if you have any questions or comments.

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